Permit Registration

  1. Go to and login using your NetID and Net Password. Should you experience problems with your NetID, please contact the Help Desk at 325-0631 or visit
  2. Select the Banner tab. The Parking Permit Registration page is located under Personal Information.
  3. Before purchasing your parking permit, you will be asked to update and/or verify the following items:
    • Your Maroon Alert Emergency Contact Information
  4. Continue through the Parking Permit registration. Answer all questions as it pertains to you and your vehicle.
  5. "Submit" the on-line application once all your information has been provided. If the application has been filled out properly, the user will be prompted that the information has been "Submitted Successfully". If there is not a prompt that the information has been "Submitted Successfully", the user should review the information, make changes and resubmit.
  6. Once the application has been submitted, you will receive a receipt number and a parking permit number. Please print and display this receipt on your dash until your official permit arrives. Once your official permit arrives, the permit must be permanently affixed to the vehicle according to the directions on the back of the permit.
  7. If you have not received your permit within 14 days, please come to our office.

Disability Parking

All individuals that are certified for disabled parking by the State of Mississippi, or by the state in which the disabled individual resides. Bring your state issued accessible documentation (placard and receipt) to the Parking Services office, located in the YMCA Building. Failure to report the necessary information may result in a citation for failure to register.

Disabled Parking Application (PDF)

Permit Prices

Classification Full Year
Gated Faculty/Staff $350
Retired Gated Faculty/Staff $283
Regular Faculty/Staff $135
Retired Faculty/Staff $68
Yearly Visitor $150
Vendors $145
Motorcycles $110
Residential Students $145
Commuter Students $135
Daily Temporary $2 Daily
Daily Visitor Permit $2 Daily

Prorated Monthly Permit Charge (PDF)

Pre-Tax Plan (PDF)