Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance

Persons with MSU-Issued Parking Permits

Before parking in ADA-accessible spaces, your state-issued placard or plate must be registered with MSU Parking and Transit Services in the Roberts Building at 412 East Lee Boulevard.

If you have an MSU-issued parking permit and a state-issued disability parking placard or plate, you may use the ADA-accessible parking spaces in the following zones:

  • Commuter permits:  Any commuter or open/non-zoned space
  • Residence permits:  Any residence or open/non-zoned space
  • Staff permits: Any staff, commuter, or open/non-zoned space

Open permit, or AVP permit, at the Chapel of Memories, Railroad Lot, and between Bowen and Patterson Hall.

In the event a disability-related accommodation is needed to obtain access to another zone, please contact the Executive Director of Parking and Transit Services at 662-325-1827 or by email at Requests for parking accommodations are considered on a case-by-case basis, with consideration given to the nature of an individual’s impairment and the availability of suitable parking spaces.

Visitors to Campus

Visitors with a state-issued disability placard or plate, like all visitors, must obtain an MSU-issued visitor parking permit but are not required to register their disability placard or plate. 

Visitor permits with a state-issued disability placard or plate are valid to park in any ADA-accessible spaces in any non-gated lot. Visitor permits can be obtained at Parking and Transit Services in the Roberts Building at 412 East Lee Boulevard, from the Welcome Center at 75 B.S. Hood Drive, from the ParkMobile App, or via our online portal.