Enterprise 10 dollars off entry

Enterprise is running a spring promotion

Posted on 03/20/2019 - 08:53

Taking a trip and need transportation? Enterprise is running a spring promotion for the MSU carshare program. Take advantage now! Offer ends May 31, 2019.”


La Quinta Inn Temporary Bus Stop

Posted on 10/22/2018 - 16:48

“To accommodate the temporary relocation of the students affected by the fire and water damage at Oak Hall, the HWY 12 route will add, while students are in residence, the La Quinta Inn as a stop.”

Lime Bike on MSU Campus and Starkville

LIME Bike Share Program

Posted on 08/31/2018 - 17:32

 HOW TO LIME: All of our LIme bikes are GPS and 3G-enabled, making it simple for riders to find, unlock and pick up a nearby vehicle using the iOS or Android smartphone app. When the ride is finished, riders simply follow instructions in the app to end the ride, and responsibly park between the pedestrian-designated sidewalk and the street curb, or at a bike rack.


 HOW TO PARK:  Lime is the only smart, dockless bikeshare program working to proactively educate consumers on how to use and park bikes responsibly through creative videos. Find those videos at https://www.li.me


 HOW TO PAY: Lime's rides cost just $1.00, or 50 cents for students, per 30-minute time block for our classic pedal bikes, or $1.00 to unlock for our electric fleet. To pay, simply enter your credit card information into your smartphone app for ride credit.


 WHERE TO LIME: Lime is NOW available on the Mississippi State University campus and the City of Starkville!



Staff Parking at Garner Circle

Staff Parking at Garner Circle

Posted on 08/15/2018 - 08:39

Please note the changes at Garner Circle. This area is now zoned as faculty and staff parking. If you have any questions regarding these changes, please call our office: (662) 325-3526.

Order Parking Permit

Parking Permit Registration

Posted on 07/11/2018 - 07:59

Registering for a Parking Permit

You may register for your parking permit on-line beginning July 11, 2018 (Staff and Faculty), July 18, 2018 (Commuters), or July 25, 2018 (Residents) at 8 a.m. You will receive your permit by mail at the U.S Postal address you provide during registration.


1.   Go to http://my.msstate.edu and log in using your NetID and NetPassword. Should you experience problems with your NetID, please contact the Help Desk at 662-325-0631 or visit http://www.its.msstate.edu/services/accounts/password

2.   Select the Banner tab from the sidebar menu. The sidebar menu is available by clicking the "hamburger" icon in the upper left portion of the browser window. The Parking Permit Registration page is located under Personal Information.

3.   Before purchasing your parking permit, you may be asked to update and/or verify your Maroon Alert Emergency Contact Information. 

4.   Continue through the Parking Permit registration. Answer all questions as it pertains to you and your vehicle. 

5.   Click Purchase Now, this will lead you to the Payment Information page. 

6.   Review over the information you entered and confirm this information.  When you click Confirm Purchase, please wait while your transaction is processed.  

7.   Once the application has been submitted, you will receive a receipt number and a parking permit number. Please print and display this receipt on your dash until your official permit arrives. The printed permit receipt is valid for 14 days. Once your official permit arrives, the permit must be permanently affixed to the vehicle according to the directions on the back of the permit.