Visit MyParking.msstate.edu to purchase student and staff permits.

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Parking Permits

Students, staff and faculty can find annual permit and registration information below, ParkMobile daily permit and metered information can be found on the "Visitor Parking" tab.

Gold Star family members and Purple Heart recipients

Complimentary permits are available for students, faculty and staff who are Gold Star family members or Purple Heart recipients. Please contact the Parking & Transit Service's office for more information or if you have any questions.

Permit Registration

  1. Go to MyParking.msstate.edu and login using your NetID and Net Password. 
  2. Select the "Get Permits" tab and the permit type for purchase.
  3. Follow instructions and provide requested information to continue the registration process.
  4. Once the application has been submitted, you will receive a receipt email that contains a "Print Permit" link. Please print and display this Temporary Permit on your dash until your official permit arrives. This temporary permit expires after 14 from the date of purchase. If you have not received your permit within this time frame, please contact to our office for a replacement.
  5. Once your official permit arrives, the permit must be affixed to the vehicle according to the directions on the back of the permit.

Permit Prices

Classification Full Year
Gated Faculty/Staff $467
Retired Gated Faculty/Staff $378
Regular Faculty/Staff $180
Retired Faculty/Staff $91
Vendors $193
Motorcycles $147
Residential Students $193
Commuter Students $180
Any Valid Permit $135
Daily Permits $5

Pro-Rated Permit Prices

Permit Eligibility 

Below are the permit categories and who qualifies for each category. For detailed information of which zones these permits are valid, please visit the "Permit Zone" portion of our website.

Any Valid Permit

Any student or staff may purchase a permit for the Any Valid Permit zone. These permits are 75% of the cost of a staff and commuter permit.

Commuter Permit

Any student who does not reside in residence hall or on-campus Greek house may purchase a Commuter permit. Any student who is classified as an off-campus freshman or transfer student at the beginning of a semester and who commutes to the campus will be required to purchase a Commuter North permit.

Graduate Assistant Permit

Graduate Assistant (GA) permits are available to all graduate students on paid assistantships with the University. These permits are sold over the counter in our office and require a proof of assistantship (official offer letter on departmental or Graduate School letterhead). Veterans in graduate school who are performing official work duties for the university while using their Veteran benefits also qualify for a GA permit, official documentation from their home department must be presented at the time of purchase to confirm their employment/duties.

Greek Permit

Any student who resides in an on-campus Greek house may purchase a Greek permit. A limited number of Greek permits are also made available to each Greek organization to be purchased by selected members who do not live in the on-campus house.

Motorcycle Permit

Any student or staff may purchase a Motorcycle permit.

Resident Permit

Any student who resides in a residence hall on the university campus may purchase a Resident permit.

Staff Permit

Any benefits eligible university employee, any employee of any State or Federal Agency located on campus, or any fulltime, non-registered student or individual who is an employee of a contracted business or those granted affiliate status by the university located on the university campus may purchase a Staff permit.

Vendor Permit

Any non-MSU organization conducting official business on campus may purchase a Vendor permit.

Visitor Permit

Any individual, other than a staff member or student, may purchase a Visitor permit.

Designated Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycles must have a valid MSU permit. We offer designated motorcycle parking spaces that are strategically placed throughout the campus. Motorcycles are not allowed to park at bicycle racks. Motorcycles may park in designated motorcycle parking areas, or any valid parking space and must obey all state laws. Registration of your motorcycle permits must be completed in person at the Parking & Transit Services office, located in the Roberts Building. Only staff with valid MSU gated permits can park motorcycles in gated lots.