Visit to manage vehicles and license plates.

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Vehicle Management

  1. Go to and login using your NetID and Net Password. 
  2. Select the "Vehicles" tab. If a new vehicle needs to be added, select "Add Vehicle". If an existing vehicle needs to be modified, please select the appropriate "Plate Number" to manage the vehicle.
  3. Be sure to link the vehicle and active permit by selecting "Add Vehicles to Permit" at the bottom of the permit page.

Annual permit holders are limited to registering 2 vehicles per permit, if you need to add a rental vehicle to a permit or remove an existing vehicle from a permit please contact our office for assistance.

License Plate Registration

See below for sample license plates and how to properly read and input for parking permit registration. You can edit and modify your vehicle and license plate information through the "Vehicles" tab located on the website.

If a sample of your license plate is not listed or you are having issues updating your license plate, please contact our office for assistance.

License Plate


License Plate 0000
License Plate (1) MC00000
License Plate (2) 1234N43
License Plate (3) A000A
License Plate (4) A000A
License Plate (5) 0000S0
License Plate (6) 0000L
License Plate (7) AAA0000