The Old Main Academic Center on Mississippi State University's campus

Any vehicle parked on campus is required to have a permit or be in a timed parking area. Several options exist for visiting parkers.

Online Visitor Passes

Visitors can purchase an online visitor permit that they can print and display on their dashboards. This can be done through Your first visit is free, other visits are $4.00 per day.

Online Visitor Passes

Visitor Hangtags

Visitors can visit the Parking and Transit Services office in the Roberts Building at 412 East Lee Boulevard and purchase a daily visitor permit to display in their vehicle for $4.00 per day.

Old Main Academic Center Parking Garage

The Old Main Academic Center Parking Garage consist of 148 spaces. The garage accepts debit and credit cards only and is open to all parkers. The cost is $3.00 for the first hour and $1.00 every other hour for a maximum daily fee of $15.00.

The garage is on the bottom two floors of the Old Main Academic Center which is located at 560 Barr Avenue on the southeast corner of the intersection of George Perry Boulevard and Barr Avenue.

Metered Parking

Metered parking can be found at the Roberts Building on East Lee Boulevard, Lee Boulevard at the Colvard Student Union, and the Garner Hall parking lot. Each location has several spaces that are designated as metered parking that are open to all parkers. To park in the metered spaces, the parker must enter the vehicles license plate information into the Paystations that are conveniently located at each location and pay with their debit or credit card. Rates are $1.25 for the first hour, $2.00 for the 2nd hour, and $3.00 for the 3rd hour. No extension is allowed after the 3rd hour.